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Mindful Health Center offers a holistic, personalized wellness approach that targets the underlying causes of any conditions and health challenges. Everyone is unique in their nutritional needs due to age, genetics and other underlying issues. Dr. Peter Fisher will help determine what changes are right for you bydesigning a plan that is unique to your body and your chemistry, and understanding the full picture of your health. The goal is to solve your health issues and leading you to a healthy life style.

Rather than targeting just the symptoms, Mindful Health Center uses a non invasive body scan and data driven testing to look for root causes. Dr. Fisher works one on one with you, exploring your lifestyle, genetics and environment he can then determine the path that will lead you to a life of Wellness Not Illness.

The appointments can be in the office or live video appointments. Life video appointments can be for testing as well. It is called Distance Treatment. Which relies on energy. That energy can be picked up from a distance to check the whole body’s status. At the flipside, needed energy can be sent to the body from a distance as well.

What can you expect from Mindful Health Center

Mindful Health Center offers a holistic, personalized wellness approach that targets the underlying causes of any conditions and health challenges. Everyone is unique in their nutritional needs due to age, genetics and other underlying issues. Mindful Health Center will help determine what changes are right for you!

Weight Management

Have you been struggling with your weight management? Have you tried many different diets? Nothing works or is sustainable? Still gaining weight? We can help. Our weight management starts at the basics and works with your body. We will help with that.

Stress Reduction

Over time, chronic stress turns in chronic diseases. Stress affects many of your body's regular functions. Stress is part of being human, and it can help motivate you to get things done. But only if the stress is for a short time. These days Stress is permanently and that is the danger wich the body can't handle. If the body is in permanent "fight and flight " mode, most of the body functions are not working properly. We look at your stress system and work with you to reduce the stress.

Gut Health

Gut Health is health and proper functioning of the digestive system, which includes the gastrointestinal tract and associated organs such as the liver and pancreas. A healthy gut plays a critical role in overall health and wellbeing, as it is responsible for breaking down food, absorbing nutrients, and eliminating waste from the body. Mindful Health Center will take a deeper look at your gut health on the bioelectric - cellular level and restore/ adjust your gut health.

Body Recomposition

Body Recomposition the process of changing your body composition, which involves increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat simultaneously.The goal of body recomposition is to decrease body fat percentage while maintaining or increasing muscle mass. This can lead to a more defined, toned, and athletic appearance. Body recomposition is a popular goal for those who are looking to improve their physical fitness and appearance.

Mind-Body Balance

You have a hard time getting to sleep at night. Maybe you feel like you have an overactive mind and experience anxiety. You aren't alone. We work with you and help to balance mind and body.

Pain Management

Are you in pain for long time? Couldn't find the right solution to relive pain? Studies of biofeedback treatment have found that many patients experience widespread improvements in their emotional and physical wellbeing as they move toward a more relaxed state and better self-regulation.


Mental Performance

Are you feeling your memory is deminishing? Having 'brain fog' from time to times? Can't find out what to do? The solution can be as simple as adding the right nutrients to your diet. We will help to determine what is needed.


What is the right food? What Macro Nutrients do you need? Do you have enough Micro Nutrients? Doesn't matter what your goals are, the right nutritional information are the basics of good health. We determine what is right for you.

Rather than targeting just the symptoms, Mindful Health Center uses advanced, data- driven testing (Biofeedback) to look for root causes. Our practitioner works one on one with you, exloring your lifestyle, genetics and environment to get to the root cause of chronic conditions, which will promote wellness.

Meet the Head of the Mindful Health Center

Peter Fisher, H.C., M.S., D.M.D., Ph.D. has been working in the medical field since 1977. He graduated in 1985 as a Dentist - D.M.D.- at the Humbold University (Charité) in Berlin/ Germany.

He graduated in 1985 Dental Science and obtained “Diplom”/ Master-level Degree, 1990 a Ph.D. in medical science in Berlin/ Germany.

In 1990 Dr. Fisher opened his clinic in Berlin/ Germany where he performed oral surgery specializing in Dental Implants, Sinus Lifts and Guided Tissue Regeneration. While maintaining a very success practice he traveled the world (Germany, Russia, France, USA, India) for lectures, teaching in a University and Main hospitals Dental Implantology, Bone- and Tissue Regeneration through special surgical methods.

In 2006 he moved permanently to the United States where his journey with Quantum Energy Medicine began. Starting with Energy Healing, Reiki and Equine Acupressure his journey led to Quantum Biofeedback. Currently Dr. Fischer is finishing additional Ph.D, MD in Integrative Medicine from The International Quantum University for Integrated Medicine (IQUIM).

Dr. Fisher is the Founder and COO of the Mindful Health Center LLC. He is a Board-Certified Health Coach, Homeopathic Therapeutic Coach, Nutritionist and Biofeedback Specialist - his work does not include any pharmaceuticals, only vitamins, herbs, homeopathic's and supplements. Over the last decade he realized and saw the ability of the body to heal him self with the right help. He is not against pharmaceutical in general, because they are needed for acute cases, in emergencies. But they fail in chronic conditions. They just cover up the symptomes. He works one on one with patients to Reduce Stress, Increase and Boost Mental Performance.

Dr. Fisher specializes in Gut Heath, Weight management, Stress management and Emotional Balance by developing an individual health plan for Every patient that includes if needed a Custom meal and workout plan. His focus is helping people to balance their life and live healthy.


Belle V.

Irving, TX

Positive results with mindful health
I have suffered from severe panic disorder that has crippled my well-being. I have done therapy and taken medication for mood stabilization but nothing has worked quite as well and has allowed me to have my stability back than biofeedback. Knowing all the details about what deficiencies I have and what triggers my panic disorder has helped me get my life back on track. I have recommended this type of therapy to everyone I know.

Barbara E. R.

Plano, TX

Four years ago my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's. I heard about Dr. Fisher and his holistic and nutritional treatment and I made an appointment immediately. With his multidisciplinary approach, I can tell you, the therapies my husband was gradually instructed in, and the nutritional products that he takes everyday has proven to be incredibly successful in his health and quality of life! Dr. Fisher listens to the patient and their caregiver. Previously, providers did all the speaking and I had reached the limit of my patience because I was not observing any improvement through the beginning of this traditional treatment until Dr. Fisher began guiding us toward better health. I have researched his credentials and this area is truly blessed to have such a medical provider with his education and clinical experience. I recommend a visit with Dr Fisher if you are experiencing abnormal physical events. He will listen and work with you as an independent provider for your well being. My husband is doing very well! You will be amazed that he doesn't have you return to his office more frequently just to collect more medical fees! He truly has the patient's improvement and return of function as the pinnacle of his treatment plan for each. You will leave his office with the confidence you can return to your healthy state of health and activity!

Beth R.

Flower Mound, TX

For over 10 years I struggled with health issues, gut health, weight (high blood sugar level), joint pain, anxiety, sleepiness. Doctors continued to put me on medications that was only covering up issues and having me spend $$$$$$$ on tests, surgeries and medications that did not work. I was told my blood work looked fine but continued to feel bad. I found Dr Fisher and I feel he saved my life!!! He looked at everything down to cell level. Dr. Fisher used body scan that was noninvasive (No blood work). He is the only one that works with his patients. Unlike other Medical offices where you see doctor for 7 minutes maybe, Dr. Fisher listens to you and make a plan to get you on the road to your BEST life.  My BMI went from being borderline obese to lean. I lost 42 pounds and have kept it off for over 3 years.  I went from not even being able to squat with 5-pound weights a year ago to now squatting 200 pounds. Anxiety and Sleep go. All of this was achieved with nutrition plan, vitamins, supplements and coaching from Dr. Fisher that my body needed to fix itself. Being healthy is choice.BEST PART IS HE IS VERY AFFORDABLE!!!!!!

Kelley C.

San Francisco, CA

Dr. Fisher is an amazing healer.  I had just had a lumpectomy and my appointment and treatment plan helped me lose weight, helped me make it through my traditional western cancer treatment plan.  I cannot express how invaluable Dr.Fisher's protocol has been for me.  I cannot thank him and recommend him enough!!

  • 40 Years of Experience in the Medical Field
Did you know............ 5G and WiFi , does significant harms your health?

Environmental toxins/pollution play a big role in causing chronic complex conditions. Pathogens (bacteria etc) are involved in the causes as well. “Smart” technologies based on 5G, Wifi or Bluetooth (categorized as radiation because they send out radio frequencies) creating disturbances and changes in the body’s proper function. The danger is surrounding us 24/7 and you an't see it, you can't touch it, you can't smell it, but some people can feel it. For example by holding the smart phone angainst the head where after a short time either heat develops or even spot pain, right where the phone is.

Mindful Health Center evaluates all those toxins and pathogens to build an individual plan to help reduce and reverse these effects to protect your body.

WiFi and 5G are low frequency non-thermal radio waves/ micro waves. Low frequency radio waves causing tissue mutations. So, what is really going on? And what can you do, to protect your self as much as possible?

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